Preserving Spectra, Sharing Knowledge

Welcome to the International Spectroscopic Data Bank

What is the IS-DB?

The International Spectroscopic Data Bank (IS-DB) is a charitable society, which has developed an electronic database and archive for spectroscopic and associated data. All scientists are encouraged to submit data to the IS-DB, which can then be shared with the rest of the scientific community who can access it free-of-charge.

The IS-DB is collecting all types of spectroscopic data, from all spectroscopic techniques and from all disciplines, whether chemical, life or physical sciences.

Why is the IS-DB needed?

There are worrying gaps in the coverage of known chemistry by reference spectroscopic databases, which are unlikely to be filled by the activities of the commercial sector alone. The IS-DB offers the scientific community the opportunity to share their spectra and develop a vital resource for future generations. Such a collection of spectra will help to provide significant improvements in human health, new materials, environmental protection, sustainable development and educational progress.